Why Meditate?

Many people I meet say they are unable to meditate. They may have tried to meditate in the past without success. The first thing to know about meditation is that it is a SKILL that takes PRACTICE. If I were to teach you to play the violin today, it would take many many months before you would be able to play a simple song. First, you would learn the correct posture. Then you would learn how to hold the violin. We would then review the strings and notes and so on. The point is, it would take time and daily practice. So it is with meditation. Meditation, according to Deepak Chopra, is a "process of calming the mind."

For many years, I was convinced that I could not meditate. I had tried many different kinds of meditation, but I could not get my mind to stay still. I had thoughts interrupting the meditation. I would then become frustrated, and give up. Once in a while, it would work, but it seemed that those times were few and far in between.

Then, in 2014, I spent one week learning primordial sound meditation at the Chopra Center with Deepak Chopra and other renowned instructors. This week really transformed my practice. I learned that meditation is mindful awareness, and that it is normal to have thoughts coming into our awareness when we meditation. But the key is to let the thoughts float away, and to increase the gap of time without thoughts. I also learned that by repeating a mantra, which is a simple sanskrit phrase, thoughts were less likely to interrupt the practice. I began to experience a deep sense of peacefulness and connection to myself as I increased my meditation practice, and these feelings continue to grow.

​I will be glad to help you learn the skills so that you too can cultivate a meditation practice that works for you.