Do you accept insurance?

I am a provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan. With this insurance, the client is responsible for paying a co-pay at the time of the visit. For clients with other insurance plans, I will provide a superbly and you may be reimbursed from your insurance plan for an out-of-network Psychology appointment.


What will the duration of my treatment be?

I will partner with you to create a treatment plan for your optimal health. For some people, a short-term plan is sufficient. For others who may have experienced trauma or relationship disturbances, a longer course of treatment may be necessary.


How do I know if my treatment is working?

There is not one formula for healing and for each person it may be different. Together we will be checking regularly about your overall health and your symptoms. Sometimes people may experience more distress at the onset of treatment, but the majority of people will begin to experience relief after a short time.