Why Holistic Psychotherapy?

It takes great courage to seek assistance for whatever challenge you may be facing. In our society, we are taught to "grin and bear it" and that facing obstacles builds character. Depending on our culture, we may have been raised by parents who did not encourage, or support, the expression of feelings. When emotions are denied, or suppressed, they find a way to express themselves - either through emotional symptoms, like depression and anxiety, or physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, and other pains. If not addressed, all of these suppressed feelings build up and may turn into a chronic health condition like hypertension.... The good news is that it is never to late to change the course of our health! 

Every person is different, so every healing plan will be different. I was fortunate to be trained in a range of psychology modalities including systemic therapy, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic therapy. Over the years, I have integrated these theories into an approach that at its foundation is relational and flexible. 

The majority of my practice focuses on teens, young adults, and adults. I have studied numerous approaches to healing trauma, which is a focus of my work.

I have served as an expert witness in legal proceedings related to child sexual abuse.